Course length

​Timeframe to complete all the course didactic and clinical requirements is within a 6wk period.

"I have not worked as a nurse for 25 years but I did work 18 years prior to that in many settings, but mainly a CVICU.  This course was exactly what I needed.  The academic portion was well organized and the resources helped tremendously.  It was as if I was learning a  summary of four years of college in 16 weeks.  It was NOT easy, it required focus and dedication.  I enjoyed the lectures and also was amazed at the many youtube learning channels there are for future reference.  Dr. Grant was spot on when she was explaining the role of the nurse and how important your job is and knowing the "normal" so you can identify the "abnormal".  Many aspects of nursing have not changed in 25 years, the human body basically operates the same way and even a lot of the same medications are still being used.  For me it was reawakening all the knowledge that I had stored but even better because I had real life experience to add to it.  The virtual hospital was my absolute favorite.  The patients became very real to me and it made me remember why I liked being a nurse.  My skills at assessment have increased a thousand fold from the organized way they experience was presented.  I will be a much better nurse in the future because of the holistic approach and the value of a thorough assessment when taking care of patients.  Dr. Grant is extremely knowledgeable and gives pertinent examples all through the course.  She is strict and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I started this course on April 21 and finished August 11, 2020 because I was on Self-Study and also had to work while taking this course.  It really takes complete immersion to get the most out of this if you have been out of nursing for a while, but I can promise you when you get done, you will have the confidence to go out there and be a Nurse again!"                                   Lynn C.

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curriculum overview

Module 1: Cardiopulmonary Systems
Module 2: Renal/Musculoskeletal Systems
Module 3: Neurological/Endocrine Systems
Module 4: Gastrointestinal/Immunological Systems
Module 5: Geriatric Care/Neurosensory
Module 6: Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
Module 7: Reproductive Health/Pediatric care
Module 8: Leadership/Management/Prioritization of Care
Module 9: Health Assessment
Module 10: Drug classification/Pharmacological concepts

Final Exam

Clinical Rotation


Course hours

Online classroom hours completed via distant education in recorded sessions. Minimum of 80 hours of theory &
96 hours of clinical time.​

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