"Stop talking about your Life changing for the better and start working now to do something to Change It! Becoming a Registered Nurse definitely changed my life by opening up endless positive opportunities and I believe it could also do the same for You as well! It was a lot of hard work, and it was worth every minute!!"             Dr. Lyntressa Grant DNP

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Founder, Dr. Lyntressa Grant, has more than 22 years of healthcare experience.  She founded the Institute or accelerated rn success in Jan of 2014. She based the Institute's curriculum on Christian principles of human caring. She brings specialized experience in adult learning & cultural diversity and worked as a RN Travel nurse for 13yrs before becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Dr Grant holds a BS in Nursing, An Masters science of Nursing Education, a Post Master's in Family Psychiatry and a Doctorate degree in Advanced Nursing Leadership. She is Certified as a Med-Surg RN by AMSN. Board Certified as a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by ANCC AND is a NLN Certified Nurse Educator. Professor Grant also holds the ANCC prestigious distinction of Certified Nurse Executive-Advanced.

Please remember: You cannot become an RN Success story without excellent study-skills, critical thinking skills, as well as discipline coupled with relentless determination. You will have to be diligent with daily commitment in order to pass the NCLEX-RN and only then can you become a competent successful Registered Nurse. Our goal here at the Institute is to help students accelerate and facilitate this intricate process with our valuable experiential guidance.  Don't give up due to frustration!! You MUST learn how to comprehend AND apply important Registered Nursing concepts!! Professor Grant can help you reach your goal!

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