rn remediation
intensive-focus course

6-month online course. Scheduled at your own pace and specifically geared toward those who have been out of nursing over 10 years. 

6wk fast-track course

This online course is a 6wk remedial course for those who want to  complete all the didactic and clinical requirements quickly 

within a 6wk period. {3wks didactic/3wks clinical}.

at GPs-nsg WE CAN Help YOU successfully pass The nclex, pass your nursing school exams or prepare for certification specialty exams. 

learn how to INCREASE your critical 
thinking skills.

RN Refresher course

The Return to Practice course is a 6wk online remedial course for those who have lapsed or expired RN licensure and been out of Nursing practice for 5 years or more. 



rn remediation
self-paced course

Up to 16wks. Scheduled at your own pace in online classroom and geared to be more flexible for those who work full-time. 

rn remediation
boot-camp course

12wk course. Scheduled Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am-4:30pm in online-classroom 

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