1)  Cardiovascular system
 2)  Respiratory system
 3)  Renal system
 4)  Musculoskeletal system
 5)  Gastrointestinal system
 6)  Immunological & Hematological systems
 7)  Neurological system
 8)  Endocrine system
 9)  Integumentary system
 10) Gero-sensory
 11)  Reproductive systems
 12) Mental Health/Psych
 13) Pediatric nursing
 14)  Pharmacology and Dosage Calculations
 15)  Delegation and Prioritization 
 16) Mastery of Assessment skills


--->Sessions include:  

--->We provide the following Nursing education 3hr Group tutoring sessions:

   --Content review Lectures
   --Lecture Notes
   --Color learning handouts of disease processes to help increase        concepts of Critical-thinking
   --Practice exam in NCLEX question format with review of 
correct        rationales


Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc. 

Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc.

We are dedicated to you and all your different learning needs.

 --->Days services are available:   Mondays and Wednesdays

 --->Times of sessions:   430pm-730pm