--Content review Lectures
   --Lecture Notes
   --Color learning handouts of disease processes to help increase        concepts of Critical-thinking
   --Practice exam in all NGN question formats with review of       

      correct rationales


---> the 3-day onsite weekend seminar provides the following Nursing education review sessions:

Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc.

We are dedicated to you and all your different learning needs. We have onsite Seminars throughout Florida. 

 ---> Seminar services are available in Executive conference centers:   

--->Friday thru Sunday (call for exact address destination of Seminar you want to attend).
 --->Times of sessions:   930am-530pm 

--->Sessions include:  

Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc. 

 1)  Cardiovascular system
 2)  Respiratory system
 3)  Renal system
 4)  Musculoskeletal system
 5)  Gastrointestinal system
 6)  Immunological & Hematological systems
 7)  Neurological system
 8)  Endocrine system
 9)  Integumentary system
 10) Gero-sensory
 11)  Reproductive systems
 12) Mental Health/Psych
 13) Pediatric nursing
 14)  Pharmacology and Dosage Calculations
 15)  Delegation and Prioritization 
 16) Mastery of Assessment skills