About Us

"I was always having problems with test anxiety but thanks for helping me get more confidence."

Nikki S

"Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words, challenging homework, and intense studying! As of Wednesday May 9th I am a registered nurse!!!"

​                                                     Kayla T.

​"I thought I would let you know that I did finally pass my test and I applied for my dream job working on the OB unit!  I just wanted to say thank you for giving me more knowledge and especially confidence to pass my NCLEX."

                                                               Clarissa R.

"I just want to thank you for everything it was with your binder and all the practices that I got in the books from the course I took with you that Thursday I sat for my NCLEX and passed with 76 questions. Thank you for helping my accomplish my dreams!!"

                                              Taylor A.

"I am a RN now. 85 questions!!! I forgot to let you know!!! I've been soooo busy giving God all the glory and all the praise!!  10/5/18 [❤] [❤] Thank you for all your encouraging words and prayers!!"

                                             M. Williams 


"I wanted to tell you that I PASSED my NCLEX on the 18th of November!!! I firmly believe that I could not have done it without your class and of course my faith and prayers and the prayers of others! Your class is amazing and I hope you continue to do it!  So again, Thank you for everything and Thank you for never giving up on me!"                                   

                                            L. Smith           

"Just letting you know I passed my boards THANKS for your class!"       

                                             J. Kirby      



"Thank you, thank you, thank you...so long overdue.. I thank you so much for believing in me and pushing us to reach our potential, i just want to stay thank you for being humble and helping others the way you did for me, couldn't have done it without you..if I can do it after almost seven years anyone can do it. Bless you."​

​                                                                                         R. Richardson

"Got my license! Thank you so much for all the skills and knowledge u share with us. I am very happy I almost passed out, I really worked hard to get in this point and I am so proud of myself, God knows my struggle. Thank you."

​                                                                                P. Gardose

"I took my nclex on Friday and woke up this morning to unofficial results that I PASSED! I can't thank you enough for the encouragement and knowledge your class gave me. It really put me where I needed to be. Thank you so much!"           

                                                                              H. Thompson 

"I passed my NCLEX!!! Thank you so much for believing in me and the grace you have shown towards me.  God Bless you!!!"

                                                                                   Akadia S. 

"I highly recommend this program for any RN who wants to refresh their skills or return to bedside nursing.  A friend of mine once told me she wished she could just remember what she had forgotten in nursing school.  Well, this program will help you do just that.  The curriculum is intense and you do have to work hard but it's worth it!  I felt much more confident after taking this program."               

                                                                              L. Cooper

"I have learned and studying more in your Remediation course than I did my whole time in Nursing school."

Mandy W.

The Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc. is a Christian
Faith-Based institution of higher learning that was founded on the belief that education is the key to a successful future and faith along with hard-work pays off.


Over the past twenty years, Professor Grant has helped hundreds of students improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, these students have earned better test scores and grades, as well as grown in self-esteem and confidence in order to master the NCLEX. The Institute strives to help students reach their goals through study and discipline. We also strive to help those actively practicing as RNs explore travel nursing and other independent entrepeneurship opportunities.


Our Instructors

All Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc. instructors are licensed Registered Nurses. Most are mastered prepared and above, many also have specialty certifications & licensure in multiple states. 

Popular Programs

Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc.
 Professional Nursing Education---Classroom/Hybrid/Online


Institute for Accelerated RN Success, Inc. provides tutoring for Nursing school entrance test in Math, Reading, and Science. We also offer homework assistance and help with study habits for those in Nursing school.

Test Preparation

  • Practice NCLEX-RN Tests
  • Clinical Skills review
  • TEAS Preparation
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Dosage Calculation review
  • RN Remediation​/RN Refresher
  • TEAS Prep Course
  • Mastering Critical thinking course
  •  For those with active RN license-Entrepeneurship   course & ​Travel Nurse course
  • ​Spiritual Counseling & Life-Coaching sessions